Lime Fertiliser

Lime is used in agriculture to raise the pH of soils or decrease their acidity to aid grass growth. We offer granulated lime with a very high neutralising value for easy spreading. One of our most popular lime fertilisers, Calcifert Lime Granules, incorporates calcium into the mix of lime helping you to not only neutralise the soil acidity but also encourage plant and grass growth.

Sulphur Fertilisers

Sulphur is often called the fourth major nutrient and must be available to grass to maximise growth.  Some of our compound fertilisers contain sulphur with Sul4, offering an extremely concentrated form of straight sulphur.

Sulphur deficiencies can severely cause large yield reductions and impair grazing quality which would cause a big issue for paddock owners. 

Fertiliser Equipment for Lime and Sulphur Fertilisers

All these products can be applied accurately with a fertiliser spreader from our extensive range.

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