Agriculture / Industrial

There is a lot to focus on when managing agricultural or industrial land, whether its weed or moss control, managing pests or sourcing fertilisers.

Industrial and agricultural areas need to be controlled and with this in mind Progreen offer a wide range of spreaders – from hand held to push along to towable and tractor mounted sprayers for those larger jobs.  This equipment will aid you in spreading fertilisers & grass seed with ease.  Alongside this we also offer various sprayers including knapsack sprayers and tractor sprayers – perfect for agricultural and industrial settings.

Many agricultural/industrial settings can be prone to weeds and Progreen has a wide range of products to offer – whether you are looking for a selective weed killer for areas where you want to keep grass unharmed or if you want a total weed killer to tackle those tough weeds and grass.

When dealing with chemicals, such as weed killers, it is important that you wear PPE (safety coveralls, nitrile gloves, face masks. Take a look at our range of safety clothing.

In both agricultural and industrial areas, rodents and pests can also be a big issue. Here at Progreen, we offer a wide range of rat and mice bait control both at amateur and professional levels. Alongside this we offer online rodenticide training which once completed allows you to purchase and use professional rat and mice bait products. Other training courses that are available range from Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1PA6 and PA2) to e-learning Health and Safety on Farms courses.