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Herb and Clover Grass Seed for Paddocks

Some of our paddock grass seed blends include various ‘herbs’ and/or Clover. These additional plants not only improve the palatability of the sward, but are also good at absorbing micronutrients and making them available to grazing animals. 

Clover is a legume and so absorbs Nitrogen from the atmosphere, making excesses available to surrounding plants, boosting their health and in turn reducing their reliance on fertilisers. These blends also have many ecological and environmental benefits.

Our Grass Seed Products for Herb and Clover Filled Paddocks

Here at ProGreen we offer different grass seed options for those wanting to introduce herbs or clover into their paddocks. Products such as Amvista Horse & Pony Mix Inc Ryegrass + Herbs is a great example of a paddock grass seed that incorporates herbs into the mix. Alongside this we have Amvista Permanent Pasture Grass Seed with White Clover which is ideal for use in cattle and sheep grazing paddocks.

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