Soil Analysis

Has your soil left you scratching your head? Are you unsure which nutrients it needs? Are you tired of wasting money on fertiliser that simply isn't doing the job? Get your questions answered and get clarity on the status of your soil with our range of easy-to-use soil testing kits.

We offer a variety of different options to suit everything from lawns to bowling greens, vegetable patches, flower beds and grazing areas. From helping you take better care of your animals to encouraging plant growth, a soil test can be hugely beneficial - and we're here to make it easy.

Learn more about the benefits of soil testing and how it all works below and place your order online today.

The benefits of soil analysis

Carrying out a test is a great way to learn exactly what nutrients are needed in your soil. If it's lacking in certain nutrients or has too high a quantity, this can drastically affect plant growth: its vital to get the balance right.

A test can also save you from wasting money on fertilisers containing ingredients that your soil simply doesn't need. In the long run, gaining clarity can deliver improved results and save you money... it's a win win.

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