Water Conditioner

Water conditioners, also known as buffering agents, are used when the water used in a spray solution is either acidic or alkali as these cause weed killers to be physically or chemically less stable which can inhibit their performance. 

Generally, water conditioners are used to counter the negative effects of a high pH also known as hard water which is shown in the presence of lime scale. Using the water conditioners allows for the pH level to be brought down making the spray solution more stable. 

Using Water Conditioners

These application improvers should be used with every spray if you live in areas with hard water as they will help achieve much better efficacy from your weed control product. 

To achieve the best results, ProGreen would recommend half filling your sprayer with water, adding in the correct dose of water conditioner, agitating the mix, adding in the pesticide you are using and then resume filling with the rest of the required water.

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