Dust & Powder Applicators

Dust powder applicators are a must for some pest control products such as Ficam D which treats Ant, Wasp and other pest nests. Dust applicators come with a good deal of accuracy for difficult areas to reach such as ceiling voids and eaves in roofs.

The lightweight and easy to use Matabi Polminor Pest Control applicator is ideal when treating nests. The applicator works by a manual bellow pump which distributes the powder in hard to reach areas. It comes with an adjustable outlet tube when can be extended or shortened depending on the area being treated.  It comes with a large tank opening for easy filling and emptying.

The AR8 Pro kit is another applicator that can be used to apply dust pest control products. The extendable 8m long, light telescopic lance is great for harder to reach or inaccessible areas. Powdered by a 1 L refillable pressure tank the dust is supplied through a flexible nozzle to give precision application.  The tank is pressurised by using a bike or stirrup pump with ideally a 6 bar pressure.

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