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Lawn Soil Wetters

Lawn soil wetters work by reducing surface tension between spray droplets and the target surface being sprayed. This helps more of the active ingredient coming into contact with the plant you are trying to control. Using both wetters and spreaders means that there can be a more rapid or better uptake by the target organism, which can mean pesticide dose rates can be reduced. These can also make the product more rain fast, which again will improve the results you are getting.

Pesticide Adjuvant

When an adjuvant is mixed with a pesticide such as a weed killer, it helps to enhance its effectiveness and overall results. There are two main types of adjuvants; activators and specific purpose adjuvants.

Other adjuvants such as oils have the ability to penetrate and soften the wax cuticle of the spray target. This usually improves the penetration of the active ingredient. An oil adjuvant such as Validate, is often beneficial when combined with a glyphosate to control older ivy. Oil adjuvants also work in the same way on insects and fungal tissues.

How to apply these

In order to apply an adjuvant ProGreen recommends that they are added to spray water within the sprayer before any pesticide. The tank should then be agitated during spraying.

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