Slug and Snail Insecticide

Slugs vary in size and colour, as do snails. Brown garden snails and slugs thrive in mild and moist conditions. their tongues leave holes in leaves, stems and flowers which can be more present during warm humid periods. As a result, many people look for ways to gain control. For more information about Slug and Snail Insecticide and control, please visit our problem page.

At ProGreen, we sell Sluxx, a ferric phosphate granule slug and snail insecticide that kills slugs and snails. Sluxx works by breaking down their digestive system, which leads to them dying within 3-6 days. The pellets are environmentally friendly and degrade into natural soil nutrients of iron and phosphate. They can be used in edible and non-edible crops with a 0 day harvest interval.

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