Wildflower Seeds

If you're looking to create a wildflower meadow, ProGreen stock a range of wildflower seeds perfect for anyone wanting to establish a wildflower feature area. Whether you're planting wildflowers for bees, butterflies or just growing wildflowers for your own enjoyment - we have a diverse selection. This includes perennial wildflowers that not only give colour in the first year but also colour in subsequent years. We offer our wildflower seeds in mixes of either pure 100% Wildflowers Seed Mix or wildflowers with partner grass

Our wildflower seed mixes are specially selected for a wide range of soils to produce an abundance of colour and are environmentally friendly - promoting insect biodiversity. Those wanting Yellow Rattle can select this species in the Help Me Choose filter (left side). Yellow Rattle is semi-parasitic and suppresses development of other grasses and weeds, allowing wildflowers to flourish. The wild meadow seed mixes are all varieties of English native wildflowers.

Want to know how to plant a wildflower meadow? Check out our blog here.

Our Wildflower Seed Products

With a wide range of wildflower seeds on offer, it can be hard to choose which one to go for. Amvista Greenwich Honey Bee Pure is a great mix for those wishing to create a haven for bees. Similarly Amvista Kew Butterfly is perfect for attracting butterflies as well as providing colour not only in the first year but during following years to come. 

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