Leather Jackets Insect Killer

Leather jackets should be controlled for many reasons. To begin with the larvae of leather jackets will cause your turf to look rough and unkempt due to birds and animals pulling up the grass searching for fresh grubs leaving small round holes.  The lawn will also show yellow or brown patches with grass seedlings collapsing at soil level. Crane flies (also known as daddy long legs) lay eggs in the soil surface from August to October. Our range of leather jacket insect killers are here to help you with your pest control problem.

Leather Jacket Insect Killer and Control Products

Progreen distributes biological pest control options such as Nemasys J  which will attack the larvae by infecting them with bacterial disease. These leather jacket insect killers are ideal as they are simple to apply and deal with the problem effectively.

For more information on how to deal with leather jackets, check out our by problem page

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