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Ornamental Grass Seed Mix

An ornamental or more formal lawn, contains a mixture of slower growing, more delicate, finer bladed grasses. Once established, an ornamental lawn will take less time to cut and, as it is slower growing, it will look well maintained for longer between cuts. 

To aid establishment of a new lawn, consider G1 New Grass Fertiliser.

Our Grass Seed Products 

At ProGreen we offer a couple of different options for those wanting to achieve a formal looking lawn. Our A1 Lawn - Fine Blade Grass Seed creates an elegant and easy to mow lawn making it the ideal choice. Alternatively we also offer A1 Lawn - 4 Seasons Pro Grass Seed which is an option for those requiring a grass seed that germinates in soil temperatures as low as 5°C but still want the ornamental lawn look.

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