Towable Spreaders

Towable spreaders are ideal for those who wish to apply fertiliser, grass seed and other granule materials. Towable spreaders come as a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader depending on individual needs.

Broadcast spreaders are designed to broadcast granule materials, such as fertiliser, in all different directions making them ideal to cover an area quicker. They are great for use in medium to large sized areas so they can be covered in a shorter period of time.

Drop spreaders release granules on to specific spots as it’s towed along. They drop over the area that the spreader is being rolled over and are great for spaces that need accurately targeting which also help reduce the amount of waste of valuable product.

ProGreen’s range of towable spreaders hold a capacity of 80kg-200kg + as well as a spread width ranging from 1-4+ metres.

For more information about deciding between a broadcast and a drop spreader please visit here.

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