A variety of different analyses to suit all soil needs.

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Fertilisers are designed to give plants the nutrients they need to grow, helping you to achieve results equal to professional lawn care, fantastic vegetables, blooming flowers or healthy balanced paddocks.

Whether it’s grass, trees, shrubs, vegetables and flowers, all plants need a good supply of major nutrients e.g. nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and sulphur. Secondary nutrients (often called trace elements) also play a key role in how well a plant can grow.

Types of Fertilisers

Fertilisers are usually supplied in spreadable granules or sprayable liquids. Granules allow higher rates of nutrients to be applied, whilst liquids can offer specialist benefits such as supplying trace elements or biostimulants.

You can carry out a soil analysis prior to fertilisation to know which one is right for your job.

Fertiliser Equipment

A large number of granule fertiliser spreaders can be found in our equipment section. These are great for improving your coverage and make applying fertiliser easier, especially over large areas of land.

lawn fertilisers

Lawns and Turf

Our lawn and turf fertilisers offer a variation of nutrition levels and are suitable for domestic and professional use.

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paddock fertilisers

Paddock Fertilisers

Our paddock fertilisers ensure that your paddocks are supplied with a range of balanced nutrients for optimum grass growth and weed suppression.

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trees shrubs plants fertilisers

Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Vegetable Fertilisers

Trees, shrubs and hedges require specific nutrients to help them thrive. At ProGreen we have a range of fertilisers that can do just this.

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annual lawncare packages

Annual Lawn Care Packages

Wanting to maintain a professional looking lawn throughout the year? Our lawn care packages are the ideal solution providing you with all of the products you will need.

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soil analysis

Soil Analysis

Taking a soil analysis will show you exactly what your soil needs making sure that you are able to purchase the ideal fertiliser.

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fertiliser advice

Hints and Advice

Looking for advice on fertilisers? ProGreen is the place for you!

How to fertilise a lawn

The importance of a soil analysis

Understanding N:P:K ratios

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different types of fertiliser?

A. There are many different types of fertiliser available depending on the needs of your soil. They also come in both granular and liquid formulations.

Q. What is fertiliser made of?

A. Fertilisers are made of different ingredients depending on the N:P:K analysis they have. For example Amvista G3 is made up of 11% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphate and 5% Potassium.

Q. What does fertiliser do?

A. Fertiliser helps to add nutrients into the soil that it is lacking. These nutrients are key for plant growth and development.