Total Weed killers

Are usually glyphosate based, but we also offer non-glyphosate alternatives. Total weed killers (total herbicide) are non-selective, meaning they will kill any green-leaved plant they comes into contact with. Total weedkillers are not safe to use on lawns or grassland as both the grass and weeds will be killed. (For safe lawn & grassland use, please see our selective herbicide choices.)

Total weed sprays are ideal for controlling weeds on paths, gravel driveways, patios, non cropped land, amenity areas and even aquatic (in water) use.

Invasive weeds can be controlled  such as Horsetail (equisetum), Giant Hogweed & Japanese knotweed (JKW).

Certain total weed killers can also be mixed with a long-lasting weedkiller to keep land weed free for many month. View our total weekillers below.