Everything you need for cleaning moss and controlling algae, mould & lichen on hard surfaces

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Soft washing is the less damaging alternative to power washing safely removing matter such as mildew, algae, lichen and fungus from hard surfaces. The process can also be used to clean moss and also makes use of telescopic lances to treat hard to reach places.  We are pleased to offer a full range of cleaning products, including industry leader AlgoClear, and softwashing application equipment as well as useful advise and training.


Softwash Application Equipment

Our range of soft wash application equipment includes dosing boxes, telescopic lances, high pressure sprayers, and a selection of accessories.

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Our Softwashing Cleaning Products

From gently cleaning moss off hard surfaces to specialist gels for black fungal staining and metal oxidation our range of softwashing products has solutions for amateurs and professionals alike.

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Advice & Support from ProGreen

At ProGreen we pride ourselves on giving top advice. See below some of our handy blogs that can help you learn more about softwashing and hard surface cleaning.

How to clean moss off hard surfaces (article)

Useful softwashing blog posts

What is softwashing?

Softwash cleaning is a method that uses a low pressure washing technique along with biocides such as AlgoClear which cleans areas that are covered in moss, algae or lichen. Softwashing utilises special cleaning solutions which break down the grime and dirt on the hard surfaces.

Furthermore these cleaning solutions do not strip protective coatings from the hard surfaces that you are cleaning so are perfect for more sensitive areas. At ProGreen we offer a range of biocides that are ideal for softwashing including the industry leader AlgoClear.

What surfaces can softwashing be used on?

Softwashing can be used on a range of hard surfaces as, due to the ingredients of these products, it is safe to use on even sensitive areas. It is ideal for use on roofs and tiles, timber decking, render, cladding, artificial lawns, patios, driveways and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What chemicals are used in softwashing?
A. Our softwashing products contain the active ingredient DDAC (quarternary ammonium chloride)

Q. How does softwashing differ to pressure washing?
A. Softwashing doesn’t require the high pressure spray of water making it safer to use on more sensitive areas such as roof tiles.

Q. Can you softwash a driveway?
A. Yes, softwashing a driveway is perfect for cleaning moss and algae making the surface pristine and safe from slippery hazards.