Soft Wash Lances And Poles

Soft wash lances and poles can help to make the softwashing process a lot easier for the operator. Instead of having to climb up ladders, these soft wash poles and lances can help you access those hard to reach places such as roofs. They are also essential to have if you are using a Softwash Delivery System as the SDS carbon pole connects on to the dosing box and the softwash solution is applied through this.

Popular Soft Wash Poles and Lances 

There are many highly popular poles and lances available here at ProGreen. The Matabi Telescopic Spraying Lance is a great piece of soft wash equipment coming in a choice of 2 different lengths. This allows you to have access to walls and roofs that would be normally too difficult to reach, making it ideal for softwashing.

Products That Work Well With These

Our soft wash lances are suitable to be used with various sprayers such as the Matabi LTC Electric Knapsack or more specialist products such as the AlgoClear Softwash Delivery System Dosing Box. If you need help deciding what sprayer is best for your needs, then you can contact our team today to get the advice you need. Our team are experienced experts with the answers to your questions. 

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