Fungicide For Box Blight

Box blight is a fast spreading fungal disease that will kill damage and eventually hedges and topiary and requires fungicides to combat it. Some of the most common symptoms of box blight are dark bare twigs, black spots and brown leaves that are withered but fixed to the plant, leaving bare patches. Once the leaves are dead, they can't be bought back to life. Box blight typically likes warm and damp conditions and can spread through wind and rain splash.

See our fungicide for Box Blight products below.

Box Blight Fungicide Products

ProGreen sells Box Blight fungicides such as Signum and Nativo which have protectant and curative benefits. To get the best results, it is vital that you follow application rates, timings and correct product selections. Biostimulants such as Amvista Resistor can help improve plant's response to stress due to containing copper, zinc and manganese and support healthy growth.

For more information on fungicides for Box Blight and how to deal with box blight, check out our problem page.

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