Selective Weed Killer

Selective weed killers are used in situations such as lawns, turf and paddocks where you want to kill a weed but keep the grass surrounding it unharmed. Different active ingredients and combinations of ingredients will target different types of weeds.

Selective Weed Killer Uses

These weed killers can be used on a variety of different weeds depending on the product that you purchase. For example Grazon Pro is ideal for controlling docks, nettles and a wide range of other paddock weeds whereas Envy controls buttercups, daisies and dandelions. For this reason it is important to check the product before purchase/applying to make sure that it is going to target what you need. 

The equipment you use to apply your selective weed killer really depends on the product that you have purchased. Some products only have certain approvals on how they should be applied for example some are only allowed to be applied via boom sprayer others are limited to just knapsack sprayers.

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