Grass and wildflower seed for all situations

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ProGreen have a vast range of grass seed to suit everyone’s need.

Buying grass seed couldn’t be simpler.  Whether you’re looking for grass seed for a paddock, lawns and amenity use or for a sports turf we can help.  We can also blend special grass seed mixtures at no extra cost – which is particularly useful for sports turf or tricky growing situations.


All our grass seed is germination tested and produced to FERA standards ensuring a high quality product, at a value for money price.

All our grass seeds have a tiered pricing structure, so if you are buying in bulk please look at our volume discounts.

paddocks grass seed

Paddock Grass Seed

Our paddock grass seed mixes are ideal for establishing new paddocks or repairing and overseeding already established ones. As well as this we have ryegrass and non-ryegrass mixes available to suit your grazing animals needs.

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lawns and amenity seed

Lawns and Amenity Grass Seed

Making sure that you have the perfect grass seed mix for your lawns or amenity turf is made easy with the range of options we have available.

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sports turf seed

Sports Turf Grass Seed

Our grass seed for sports pitches have been tested and used on many professional sports grounds.

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wildflower seeds


At ProGreen we stock a variety of wildflower seed mixes which are ideal for anyone who is wishing to establish a wild flower feature.

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soil tests

Soil Tests

Soil tests allow you to see what your soil is lacking and enables you to see what nutrients you need to put back into the soil to ensure that your lawn/turf thrives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much grass seed will I need?
A. In each of our Amvista grass seed product listings we have information about application rates which will give you an idea of how much you will need to use. For example our Amvista Hard Wearing Grass Seed is to be applied at a sowing rate of 35g/m2 and the whole 10KG bad will cover an area of 285m2.

Q. What is the best time to plant grass seed?
A. When sowing grass seed it is advised to sow it during late summer to mid-autumn. At this time there is less competition from weeds and the soil is warm and damp from the rain. These conditions are perfect for seed germination. There are grass seeds, however, such as Amvista Four Seasons Grass Seed which can germinate throughout all four seasons even during low temperatures of 5°C.