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Lawn Seed

Buying the correct grass seed mixture for your lawn, amenity turf or sports turf is made easy with our range of options.  

From fine ornamental lawns, to hard wearing domestic lawns, to mixtures suiting specific sports pitches, we can help.

Our increasingly popular range of wild flower mixtures can add that splash of colour to your domestic or amenity sites.  All mixtures can be spread quickly with a hand or push along spreader

Bulk discounts are available for higher volume purchases of seed.

Our Lawn Seed Products

We offer a vast range of different grass seeds for lawns here at ProGreen. Some of our most popular options include A1 Lawn - Hard Wearing Seed which is ideal for gardens/lawns which are regularly used and Amvista Shady Lawn Seed which is great for gardens that struggle to get light across the whole area and have shaded patches caused by fences/buildings.

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