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Chafer Grubs
Treating a lawn pest that causes untold damage

The grubs live in the soil, emerging from eggs laid in July to feed on the roots of grass during late summer/autumn. They then reappear in spring to carry on the job until emerging as fully grown beetles in June. The main damage to lawns is caused by crows, foxes and badgers who tear up the grass to look for these delicacies during their active months. 

What are they?

Chafer Grubs: These are young maggot-like larvae before they hatch into chafer beetles. Chafer beetles are commonly one of two types: the Garden Chafer and Cockchafer. The Garden Chafer has an annual lifecycle whereas the Cockchafer is larger and more destructive because it lives in the soil for 3 years, eating roots, before it hatches. They live near the soil surface and will only burrow deeper once autumn temperatures start to drop.

Chemical control and prevention of these pests has all but disappeared but a good natural alternative is still available.

Nematodes (Nemasys G )
A natural, non-pesticide biocontrol remedy for Chafer grubs (and leatherjackets). Nematodes are tiny living parasitic roundworms that burrow into the larvae and kill it from within. Their numbers are staggering with a normal pack to treat approx. 500m2, containing upwards of 250 million nematodes.
This product needs a large water volume when applied and consistently moist soil to continue movement through the soil profile. Nemasys G achieves excellent results but treatment should be considered on an annual basis to ensure newly laid and 3 year larvae lifecycles are stopped.

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