If you want to apply professional use products as a landscaper, amenity contractor or even in a domestic situation then we offer training in pesticide application. The most popular courses are the Pesticide Application foundation PA1 and PA6 knapsack spraying. Which is also known as a hand held applicator course. We also offer a wide range of NPTC National Proficency Test Council Courses including the PA2 Boom Sprayer training course all of which are City and Guilds approved.

Whatever your training requirements from a Grandfather Rights conversion course to RAMPS (aluminium phosphide training) or knapsack sprayer training we have training available nationwide and can also organise specific company training if required.

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  1. E Learning (2)
  2. PA1 Safe Use of Pesticides Foundation (1)
  3. PA6a Safe Use of Hand Held Applicators (1)
  4. PA6aw Safe Use of Hand Held Applicators in or near water (1)
  5. PA6INJ Handheld Application using Injection Equipment (1)
  6. RAMPS Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide (1)
  7. Grandfather Rights for Pesticide Users (2)
  8. NROSO (1)
  9. PA4g/s Safe Use of Granule and Slug Pellet Applicators (1)
  10. Rodent Control (1)
  11. Knapsack Sprayer Update / PA6 Refresher (1)
  12. Basis Certificate in Crop Protection (Amenity Horticulture) (1)
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