Hard Surface

Moss Control for Hard Surfaces

Moss, algae, liverwort and lichen are often found on many hard surfaces. Whilst they may not cause damage they can be unsightly and make pathways, patios and decking slippery.

There are many hard surface moss killers that will not only get rid of green growth but also help reduce moss recurrence; however thanks to the way it grows and conditions where it thrives it will be necessary to reapply your moss cleaner.

ProGreen offer a range of moss killers for hard surfaces, including AlgoClear Pro, MossOff Multi Surface and Mac Hi Power.

If you are looking for products to remove moss from tarmac, paving, roofs or render then take a look below at our product range or, alternatively, call our technical advice team today 0800 032 6262 or email us.

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Area Controlled
  1. Algae (4)
  2. Lichen (3)
  3. Moss (4)
  4. Mould (3)
Main Ingredient
  1. Non Glyphosate (2)
Specific Area of Use
  1. Agriculture/Horticulture (1)
  2. Amenity/Residential Use (2)
  3. Hard Surfaces (2)
Glyphosate Concentration
  1. Non Glyphosate (2)
Product Applied As
  1. Liquid (via Sprayer) (6)
Pack Size (L)
  1. 5 L (1)
  2. 10 L (1)
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