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Black Fungal Staining

Black staining on hard surfaces is the result of a fungal growth. The excretions of these organisms can be very difficult to remove and specific products are needed to remove them, our range can be seen below.

Black Fungal Stain Removal Products

At ProGreen we offer treatment options for black staining on hard surfaces. MetaClear is the best option for this issue. It is applied as an alkali gel that sits on the surface it is applied to, such as render and masonry, allowing a controlled cleaning process of dark discolourations. 

Removing Black Fungal Stains

The process of removing black fungal stains from a surface is simple. The MetaClear gel can be applied to the affected areas using a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer that can cope with gel substances. The gel itself has adhesive properties so will stick to the areas that need treating. The substance should be left on the treatment areas for around 10-15 minutes and then agitated with a soft brush. Once these steps have been completed, the residue can be rinsed off. If necessary, this application process can be repeated.

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