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Outdoor Surface Stain Removal

If you have unsightly stains on surfaces such as walls, wood, patios, render and masonry, our inventory of outdoor surface stain removal products can help. Our treatments are designed to tackle both rust and dark spots caused by fungal growths. With these solutions, it's easier than ever to restore your outdoor surfaces to their original beauty. 

Outdoor Surface Cleaner Products

ProGreen offers two specialist products for outdoor surface stain removal. OxiClear is a cleaning solution used to remove metal oxidation marks (rust stains) from render, masonry, patios and more by simply just brushing them off of the surface. MetaClear can be used on the same surfaces as above but targets black fungal staining, helping to remove the unsightly discolourations from outdoor surfaces.

Useful Equipment For Applying These

Our outdoor surface stain removal products can both be applied using brushes or rollers. This allows for the product to be properly worked into the target area. If you are looking for a sprayer to apply these products the Disinfector Pump Sprayer can also be used. This sprayer works well with these types of solutions despite them being more of a gel like consistency. 

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