Grazon 90 Water Stewardship Guidelines

Grazon* 90 is a very effective foliar acting herbicide for the control of perennial broadleaved weeds including nettles, docks, thistles, brambles, broom and gorse in established grassland. It is available as an emulsifiable concentrate containing 240 g/litre of triclopyr and 60 g/litre of clopyralid.

When using Grazon 90 it is critical that none of the product enters any type of watercourse or body of water.

Even small amounts can cause problems for water companies.

When used as a spot treatment the following points are particularly important:

  • Do not spray within 1 metre of the edge of a lake, pond, river, stream, ditch or any other type of waterbody or watercourse.
  • Do not allow spray drift to come into contact with any of the above.
  • Do not fill or clean the application equipment near any waterbody or drains.
  • Do not allow the used container, cap or seal to enter a watercourse or any body of water.

Other important points to consider include:

  • Grazon 90 residues in plant tissues (including manure) which have not completely decayed may affect succeeding susceptible crops, e.g. peas, beans and other legumes; carrots and other umbelliferae; potatoes and tomatoes; lettuce and other compositae.
  • Do not use any plant material treated with Grazon 90 for composting or mulching.
  • Do not use manure from animals fed on crops treated with Grazon 90 for composting.


For more information on Grazon 90, to view the product label/material safety data sheet or to watch our video on Water Stewardship click here

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.

* Grazon is a trademark of Dow AgroSciences LLC.

Grazon 90 contains clopyralid and triclopyr.