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Herbicide Alternative to Dichlobenil (Casoran)

A solution to controlling weeds in amenity vegetation

With the loss of dichlobenil, landscape managers are needing an alternative for controlling weeds in amenity vegetation.  Kerb Flo and Flexidor 125 provides an ideal tank mix solution to give long term control of many weeds.

Kerb Flo and Flexidor 125 combine to give high levels of weed control with plant safety. Their action in the tank-mix is complementary, leading to effective control of a wide range of grasses and broad-leaved weeds.  The tank-mix can even be applied to young plantings.  The herbicides are soil acting giving flexibility to apply even when weather is unsuitable for foliar acting herbicides.  The mixture will control emerged grasses and some Kerb-sensitive broad leaved weeds.  The mix should be used as part of a programme to give season-long control.

  • Wide range of weeds are controlled (some post emergence)
  • Just one application normally provides season-long control - Control will be reduced if soil is warm, dry or contains high organic matter content.  Broad leaved weeds will be mainly controlled pre-emergence of the weed seeds
  • Safe to ornamental plantings
  • Application can be made out of peak work periods
  • Soil acting - dry leaf not needed
  • Very cost effective compared to other weed removal methods
  • Both Kerb Flo and Flexidor 125 contain proven chemistry

How to use Kerb Flo and Flexidor 125

Application Timing
The tank-mix may be applied in autumn & winter from October 1st - January 31st.

Areas of Use
Amenity vegetation - any areas of semi natural or ornamental vegetation, including trees. Ornamental trees and shrubs should have been planted in their final position for at least one season.  Spring plantings should be treated the following Autumn.

Soil Type and Condition
The tank-mix can be applied to light, medium or heavy soils.  In common with other soil-acting herbicides, efficacy may be reduced in soil of high organic matter.  Excess organic debris or ploughed-up turf may also affect performance. Optimum weed control is achieved from applications to firm, moist, clod-free soils.
Best control is achieved when applied to cold moist soils.

Weeds Controlled  Kerb Flo (4.25 L/Ha)**  Flexidor 125 (2 L/Ha)
 Black Bindweed  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   
 Black Nightshade  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   
 Broad-leaved dock  Susceptible to germinating  
 Cleavers  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   
 Common Chickweed  Established  Pre-emergence
 Common Field Speedwell  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence
 Common Fumitory  MS upto 2 leaf  Pre-emergence 
 Common Mouse Ear    Pre-emergence 
 Common Orache    Pre-emergence 
 Common Poppy    Pre-emergence 
 Corn Marigold    Pre-emergence 
 Corn Spurrey    Pre-emergence 
 Creeping Buttercup  Susceptible to germinating  
 Fat-hen  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence 
 Field Forget-me-not    Pre-emergence 
 Field Pansy    Pre-emergence 
 Green Field Speedwell    Pre-emergence 
 Groundsel    MS Pre-emergence
 Hairy Bittercress    Pre-emergence 
 Ivy-Leaved Speedwell  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence 
 Knotgrass  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence 
 Parsley-Piert    Pre-emergence 
 Pearlwort    Pre-emergence 
 Pineappleweed    Pre-emergence 
 Red Dead-nettle    Pre-emergence 
 Redshank  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence 
 Ribwort Plantain    Pre-emergence 
 Scarlet Pimpernel    Pre-emergence 
 Scented Mayweed    Pre-emergence 
 Shepherd's Purse  MS upto 2 leaf  Pre-emergence 
 Small nettle  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   Pre-emergence 
 Volunteer Rape    Pre-emergence 
 Wild Radish    Pre-emergence 
 Annual Meadow Grass  Established  
 Barren Brome  Established  
 Blackgrass  Established  
 Volunteer Cereals  Established  
 Wild-oat  Established  
 Common bent  Established  
 Common Couch  Established  
 Sweed Vernal Grass  Established  
Yorkshire Fog  Established  
Cock's Foot  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   
Creeping Soft Grass  Susceptible upto 2 leaf   
Field Horsetail  MS germinating  
Sedges  MS germinating  

Read product labels for full instructions

Application Type - May be made by mounted or knapsack sprayer.

  • Broadcast**  - Apply 4.25L/ha Kerb Flo + 2L/Ha Flexidor 125 mixture in 400L water per hectare
  • Knapsack**  - Apply 42.5ml Kerb Flo + 20 ml Flexidor 125 mixture in 5 Litres water per 100 m22
  • Nozzles - Apply through equipment fitted with medium spray herbicide nozzles as defined in the BCPC system.

Mixing Instructions

  1. Shake well before opening containers.
  2. Add the required amount of Kerb Flo to a half-filled spray tank under agitation.
  3. Add the required amount of Flexidor 125 and complete filling the tank.

Application Timing - 1st October to 31st January. One application per year

Area of Use - Amenity Vegetation

Soil Types -
Can be applied to light, medium or heavy soils.

High organic matter will reduce performance.

Clod free soils will ensure maximum control of weeds.

Soil moisture is needed to help the Flexidor 125 move into the upper 5 cm of the soil, and control the weeds as they germinate.  Dry soils will affect performance.

If mulching - Apply immediately prior to mulching.

Weed Control - Susceptible weeds take from 4-12 weeks to die after application.

Where established perennial weeds such as docks and thistles are already present, then a spot treatment of glyphosate will be needed to remove them.

Refer to label for list of plants that are safe to Kerb Flo and Flexidor 125.

For more information on Kerb Flo or to view product label click here

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** Amenity Vegetation Only