How to prevent a winter moss invasion

Protect your lawn from moss this winter

Progreen, the online weed control and ground care company, advises early intervention to prevent a moss invasion on the scale seen in early 2010. A wet August has already increased the chances of moss becoming a problem in turf and lawns in 2010/2011.

Moss Growth On Turf And Lawns

Last winter saw Britain covered in snow for, in some places, over a month. This created the perfect environment for moss growth on turf and lawns, with dark, dank ground protected from frost by the snow covering. When the snow eventually melted, ground keepers and gardeners across the country threw up their hands in horror when met with the sight of vast swathes of moss in place of their carefully tended grass. Robert Boothman, Agronomist and Director of Progreen, says “We had an unprecedented number of calls in early 2010 asking for help with serious moss invasions. This year I urge you to take preventative measures to ensure you are not met with a massive moss problem in early 2011”.

Preventing Moss

Preventing moss in the Autumn is not just about applying product, but also ensuring your grass is strong and the ground healthy. Simple steps to a healthy Autumn lawn, able to withstand moss invasion, include: treating with a moss treatment such as Maxicrop to remove any moss growth caused by the wet August weather; carrying out a soil analysis to test the acidity and nutrient status of the soil, applying lime as necessary; aerating the ground with a rake or mechanical scarifier; applying a top coat of fertiliser such as Amvista No.5 Autumn Winter Fertiliser with a granular spreader to prevent further moss growth and condition the grass so it is strong enough to fight off new moss growth.

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