Keep stubborn weeds at bay with residual weed control

Get long lasting results with a residual weed killer

A problem often encountered by gardeners and groundsmen is the re-emergence of problem weeds soon after they have been eradicated by a systemic weed killer. The application of a residual weed killer can prevent weeds coming back for up to six months saving time and money on repeat systemic herbicide treatments. However, sourcing an effective residual weed killer can be problematic, not least because established products such as Caseron G (active ingredient Dichobenil) are routinely revoked following loss of approval.

Residual Herbicides

Residual herbicides work by remaining active once applied to a soil or substrate, resulting in longer weed-free periods between applications than a contact weed killer. Although most residual weed killers can be applied before or after weeds appear, it is often beneficial to combine a residual product with a systemic herbicide such as a glyphosate to reduce the time taken clear the existing weeds.

Progreen Weed Control Solutions actively monitors the market to find the latest and most effective products for common issues, and stocks a number of residual weed control products including:

  • Chikita, which is a water dispersible granule formulation containing 25% w/w flazasulfuron for use as a non-selective residual herbicide on natural surfaces not intended to bear vegetation, permeable surfaces overlying soil and porous hard surfaces such as railway ballast
  • Kerb Granules, which is popular in forestry and amenity applications for the control of grasses and broad-leaf
  • Flexidor a residual herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds across a wide range of situations

Robert Boothman, Managing Director of Progreen, comments “Interest in these products has increased since the economic downturn took hold. There are obvious cost savings to be had with the reduced number of applications required. Furthermore, residual herbicides are very valuable products to use in less accessible areas or where clients prefer a less conspicuous approach to total weed control.”

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