Kurtail Horsetail Once & For All!

Progreen Weed Control Solutions have a new brand name for their total weed killer which gives complete control of the nightmare weed “Horsetail” (Equisetum spp).

“Kurtail” (previously known as “Kibosh”) gives a rapid and complete kill of horsetails, sometimes called “Marestail” or “Bottle-brush”.

Kurtail is different to glyphosate which has always struggled to give adequate control of this invasive weed.

Cultural control methods have been unsuccessful as new plants can grow every time the stem or root is broken. With roots easily penetrating to a depth of 6ft, digging rogue plant up becomes virtually impossible.

After an application of Kurtail, results show within a few days. Kurtail is non-residual and degrades after contact with soil, allowing you to plant soon after application, with no effect on following plants.

To see a demonstration video, download a product label or safety data sheet click here