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Barrier H and Finalsan Plus now available

Barrier H provides all year round control of Ragwort:

Barrier H is an innovation in Ragwort control, destroying this deadly weed in record time, right through to the root. Barrier H can be applied at all stages of growth. Unlike any other spray, Barrier H can be sprayed onto flowerheads only to stop the seeding process straight away. Ideal for Councils, Highway Authorities and Network Rail faced with complaints from neighbouring landowners.

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Finalsan Plus is a fast acting, total herbicide to control grass, broadleaf weeds, moss and algae:

Finalsan Plus is unique in controlling both grass/broadleaf weeds but ALSO moss/algae.  This all-in-one solution becomes a very cost effective and timely option where compared with using separate weed and moss killing products. Finalsan is fast acting. At temperatures above 20 ‘C treated weeds turn brown after only a few hours. Even above 10’C, weed discolouration occurs after just 24hrs.

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