Roundup Pro Biactive 450 - now available to buy online!

Roundup Pro Biactive 450 5ltr

ProGreen have added Roundup Pro Biactive 450 5ltr to their range of total weedkillers

Roundup Pro Biactive 450 is a total weedkiller for complete control of annual and perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds. It contains 25% more glyphosate than Roundup Pro Biactive, as a result, each 5L can of Roundup Pro Biactive 450 total weed control will treat a significantly greater area, ensuring outstanding economy and reducing storage and handling demands.

One 5ltr container covers 12,500m2*, £59.99 + VAT and delivery.

Key benefits of Roundup Pro Biactive 450

  • Unique Biactive formulation gets more glyphosate into the plant
  • Highest levels of performance and safety
  • Superior long term control of difficult perennial weeds
  • Hazard free label - safer for the operator, public and pets
  • Biodegrades in soil and water, excellent rainfastness
  • Make the most of those precious weather windows
  • Preferred under COSHH
  • You can use Roundup Pro Biactive 450 with confidence in areas open to the public and animals, or even near water

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*when following our recommended dilution rates