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Amvista Long Life Fertiliser 10-0-30 - 20KG - Low N, High Potash Autumn Option

Amvista Long Life Fertiliser 10-0-30, 20 kg. Ideal autumn/ winter fertiliser

 Late season prolonged release over 4-5 months, providing a steady drip feed of essential plant nutrients.

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Amvista Long Life Fertiliser 10-0-30 gives prolonged release over 4 - 5 months. Longer lasting - fewer applications.

Grass will only take in nutrients when conditions are ideal for growth. Ideal for Autumn & winter applications.

10-0-30 +3 MgO + 6 CaO + 4 SO

Nitrogen (N) for growth, Potassium (K) for hydration and photosynthesis plus essential Magnesium, Calcium & Sulphur

  • Low Nitrogen levels - suitable for late season application - autumn/ winter
  • Low salt formulation - better for grass in the long run
  • Balanced essential NPK macro-nutrients: Magnesium, Calcium and Sulphur
  • Prevents flush of weak grass - better root strength to withstand winter
  • Fewer applications needed per year
  • Suitable for Lawns, Grassland and sports amenity turf
  • Best results from neutral pH soils
  • Granule dispersal: 2-5 days (visually dispersed from surface)
  • Longevity: 4-5 months (depending on soils)

Directions for use: 

Avoid periods of drought and frost

Apply before rainfall or watering but after lawn aeration, slitting or scarification to prevent granule damage

Analysis 10-0-30 +3 MgO + 6 CaO + 4 SO₃
Application Rate 35 g/m²
Coverage 570 (m2)
0.14 (acres)
Granule/Liquid Granular
Granule Size (mm) 2 - 3mm
Longevity 4 - 5 months
Pack Size 20 kg

Hand-held Application Rate

Lawn 20 kg bag per 570 m2

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