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TriPHOS - for drought recovery 1L

Blend of three biostimulants to improve rooting, resistance to fungal attacks and ability to cope with drought and other stress factors

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TriPHOS is a liquid spray that combines three products into a stable and balanced product to feed, nourish and enhance a plants natural defences.

Combines organic seaweed, phosphite and humic acids to help in plant recovery

Use on turf, flowers, fruit trees, vegetables and new plantings as a foliar spray or a planting drench

  • Enhances natural defences to cope with planting or drought stress
  • Improves the ability to fight off fungal infections in plants
  • Used at planting to promote rooting and improve the ability to take up nutrients
  • 1 L concentrate of TriPHOS covers upto 5000m

Key Benefits:

Seaweed extracts contain plant growth stimulants such as cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins and as well as vitamins and trace elements. They have been used for many years to promote vigorous, healthy and full-flavoured crops.

Phosphite is a plant-available form of phosphorous; a macronutrient that contributes to energy conversion and plant health. They are particularly useful in promoting a strong healthy root system.

Humic acids act as a buffer for nutrients, retaining them in the root zone and making them more biologically available to the plant.


  • See 'Application Rates' for dilution
  • Do not apply in drought conditions but pre or post drought when soil is not too dry.
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from heat and free from freezing. Keep sealed in container and secured away from unauthorised users, children, wildlife and pets.
  • Store away from acids in an approved chemical store.
  • Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face protection. Wash off any skin contact thoroughly with soap and water.
Application RateVariable (See Application Table)
Coverage 5,000 (m2)
1.23 (acres)
Granule Size (mm)N/A
Pack Size 1 L

Hand-held Application Rate

 Knapsack UseBoom Sprayer
Small fruit trees25 ml in 10 L water 500 ml/ha in 200 L/ha water
Established fruit trees
(spring & autumn)
50 ml in 12 L water
Potatoes, tomatoes & other vegetables100 ml in 10L water2 L/ha in 200-400 L/ha water
Flowering plants & ornamentals
(spring & autumn)
50 ml in 10 L water  

Product Usage Calendar

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Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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