Dealing with moss on hard surfaces

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Hard Surface and Roof Moss Treatment

  1. Identify the issue. Correct identification of the growth or staining is important to ensure that the correct product is used. Hard surface softwash solutions should be used to clean moss, algae and lichen.
    1. Mosses are small, clump or mat forming non-flowering plants. They are formed of simple leaf like structures and are very slow growing.
    2. Algae refers to a large group of different organisms. Typically they are green, slimy and lack any reasonable plant structures such as leaves, stems and roots. Algae thrive in damp, dark conditions.
    3. Lichen can appear in many different shapes and colours. Most commonly they appear as small clumps of tiny leafless branches or flat flakes similar to peeling paint. Lichens are capable of living on virtually any surface.
  2. Lay tarpaulin or fleece over flowerbeds, lawns and surrounding areas. Not only will this protect plants from spray drift but it will also speed up the clearing up process. If treating roofs then gutters should be covered with plastic flashing and downpipes should be blocked. Softwashing solutions are rapidly broken down in the environment and plants will recover quickly however application to non-target areas should be limited.
  3. Scrape or brush large clumps of moss and vegetation from the surface. Although many of our softwashing solutions are capable of controlling larger clumps, they must be thoroughly drenched increasing the product usage. Not all situations will require this step to be carried out.
  4. Dilute your softwash solution as per the guidelines on the product label for the surface area being treated.
  5. Spray the area that you are cleaning with a steady flow ensuring that areas that are more heavily affected by moss/algae are covered thoroughly.
  6. Once sprayed the product will remain on the surface that has been treated helping to keep the area clean for a period of time.

Image of moss on hard surfaces


Best Moss Cleaners for Hard Surfaces: