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Nomix HiliteNomix Hilite
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Nomix Hilite Glyphosate - use with Nomix TDC Applicator

Glyphosate for the control of annual and perennial grasses, to be used with the Total Droplet Control compact applicator.

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£20.25 + VAT £24.30 inc VAT

Hilite effectively controls annual and perennial grasses and non-woody broad-leaved weeds in amenity and industrial areas, parks, highways, paved areas and factory sites. Hilite is also effective for clearing vegetation prior to planting of ornamental species, around the bases of trees, shrubs and roses, as well as in forestry areas.

Key points: 

  • Hilite is rainfast within 30-60 minutes of application
  • Application is easier with the Compact Applicator, the product is lighter to carry around
  • No mixing is required - Hilite is pre-mixed and the ready to use pack connects straight to the applicator
  • Spraying accurately is made easier - spray from 3cm wide to 1m wide with the Compact Applicator
  • There is a low drift risk
  • Non-irritant formulation
  • Requires at least 6 hours (preferably 24 hours) rain-free following spraying
  • 750ml in one bottle

Application notes and guidance:

  • Apply Nomix Hilite with the Nomix Total Droplet Control Compact Applicator
  • The white pigment in Hilite ensures accurate spraying, whilst the stable oil-emulsion formulation helps ensure accurate application
  • Please note; we recommend the use of the Universal Cleaner for the Compact Applicator, either immediately after use or when switching products, to prevent build up of product

Nozzle Choice:

  • Small square disc : spray width less than 60cm*
  • Large serrated disc: wide swaths for large areas

    *for spray swath widths less than 60cm - hold the applicator lower over the target weed and increase nozzle rotation speed to ensure appropriate coverage

Recommended safety clothing / PPE as per the MSDS; protective clothing (coverall), protective gloves, respiratory protection

Coverage 480 - 1,920 (m2)
0.12 - 0.47 (acres)
Contains 194 g/L (20.1% w/w) isopropylamine salt of glyphosate (equivalent to 144 g/L glyphosate)
MAPP 13871
Area of Use Agricultural, Amenity Vegetation, Forestry, Hard Surfaces, Horticultural, Natural Surfaces Not Intended To Bear Vegetation, Permeable Surfaces

Hand-held Application Rate

Annual weeds and perennial grasses 10 L/ha

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

View FileNomix Hilite Glyphosate Safety Sheet    Size: (96.95 KB)
View FileNomix Hilite Glyphosate Product Label    Size: (145.25 KB)

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