Non Professional Weed Killers

ProGreen offers a range of non-professional weed killers which are usually used in the home and garden. Total weed killers, Selective, Long-Lasting weed killers and Tree Stump solutions are available.

These products are ideal for use in the home and garden as they are approved to be used by the amateur user who does not hold any spraying qualifications (as long as they are spraying on their own garden/land).

If you are unsure on what product is needed for your situation then we have various how to guides to help you. If you need to talk through your options further please call one of our technical advisors on 01778 394052 or email us at [email protected].

Sprayers and Equipment Perfect For Home Use

When applying amateur use weed killers, it is still vital that you do so with caution and care despite them being classified as non-professional. For this reason it is essential that you wear full PPE during application.

Using the right equipment helps you to apply your product efficiently. We would recommend that a handheld/knapsack sprayer is used for this range of products.

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