How to get rid of tree stumps? The answer is Ecoplugs

How to get rid of tree stumps? The answer is Ecoplugs

Customers often ask us how to get rid of tree stumps. Once the offending tree has been cut down some species will re-sprout shoots and ten saplings grow where one once stood.

Many vigorous, deciduous trees such as ash, willow, beech, lime, poplar, elm, birch, alder and buddleija will re-shoot after chopping down. Sometimes they grow directly from the stump (usually around the outer edge) and sometimes from the roots themselves – radiating out from the stump (Tree of Heaven).


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The tree stump killer will not magically remove the tree stump but ecoplugs allow Mother Nature to start rotting it down when alternatives such as stump grinding are not possible and in a safer manner than liquid tree root killer or diesel - especially where children or animals may roam free.

The Ecoplug Max will undergo some changes in 2018 – with a darker orange coloured tip, new MAPP number and approvals for use in aquatic areas; but they remain the same strength and as effective as ever.

A drill bit with depth gauge should be used – Drillbit for Ecoplug Max Application are available as an extra item and are well worth the investment to ensure good results, by ensuring the correct depth and width to fit the plug.

Ecoplug Max Use:

Simple to use, drill a hole at regular intervals around the face or side of the stump into ‘live’ wood and insert the Ecoplug Max capsule. Once hit into place with a hammer it cannot be extracted.

Ecoplug Max are a safe, clean way to control the re-growth from cut trees. The plastic ‘capsule’ contains granular glyphosate that dissolves with the tree sap to systemically kill or translocate to the points that are still alive in the stump – killing tree roots from bottom to top.


Demo of how to use Ecoplug Max

Tips for Using EcoPlug Max:

  • Ecoplugs must be used in freshly cut trees.
  • A purpose-built drill bit ensures every hole is drilled to the correct depth.
  • Ecoplug Max are sold in boxes of 100