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Bamboo Control

Bamboo Control

With over 1000 species of Bamboo, they have been widely planted both for their ornamental value and as windbreaks. However, like any perennial, rhizomatous grass, Bamboo can sometimes creep too far and become an invasive and troublesome weed.

Key Facts:

  • Common names: Running Bamboo, Clumping Bamboo
  • Scientific name: Various Species including:Phyllostachys


What is the best method for Bamboo eradication?

The best weed killer or herbicide for Bamboo should contain full strength glyphosate to ensure bamboo is killed to the root. Suitable products are Gallup Hi-Aktiv Amenity or Roundup ProVantage (professional options) or Gallup Home & Garden (non-professional option).

Apply the herbicide to the foliage between July and September. Options for application include:

  1. Knapsack Application – dilute 25 ml of a suitable glyphosate per litre of water, spray to the point of run-off onto bamboo foliage and allow to dry. Add an adjuvant to help the spray stick on finely haired leaves, Topfilm Oneshot is safe and effective to mix with glyphosate 
  2. Weedwipers such as the Microwipe®, with 3 parts water to one part glyphosate. This method allows for protected applications in and among desired foliage
  3. Stem filling technique (over winter). Treat in the dormant season between October and March using a cut stem method of application (see product label).
    Use 10 ml of glyphosate (360g/l strength) in 150 ml water per stem. Introduced straight into the cut stem a few cms above the ground and insert solution using a specialist applicator or disposable syringe (without a needle).

How to achieve good control of Bamboo

The main considerations for good control are:

  • Achieving maximum leaf area to rhizome area ratio
  • Don’t start too early in the spring when the sap flow is strongly upwards
  • It may be necessary to retreat several times to eradicate all parts of the plant, because some rhizomes go into a dormant phase in a very mature, thick colony and will only produce leaf when the first cover of shoots has been removed.
  • Treating in mid-late summer should eradicate the majority of the plant in one go - so long as there is active leaf growth at the time
  • Some of the taller varieties will be too tall by then to reach with a standard knapsack sprayer. Use of an extending lance may help

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