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Maxicrop Moss Killer & Conditioner/Lawn Tonic 10L - Dual Action

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Conditioner is a fast acting moss control with results seen in 24 hours.

Once the area is controlled the liquid seaweed & nitrogen fertiliser gives rapid green up, stimulates growth & promotes stronger grass roots.

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Maxicrop Moss Killer & Conditioner rapidly kills & controls moss in lawns with liquid sulphate of iron & also fertilises the grass with natural seaweed fertilizer & nitrogen for rapid green up.

Soluble concentrate containing 17.0% iron sulphate and 2% nitrogen with Maxicrop seaweed

Ideal for general amenity use, this sprayable liquid fertiliser is proven to control the area within hours with seaweed extract further helping the healthy growth of lawns.

Results from Maxicrop Moss Killer are normally seen within 24 hours, with the area blackened, followed by greening up.

Active Ingredient:       Seaweed extract with added ferrous sulphate
Coverage:                     NEW LOWER DILUTION RATE - now covers double the area:  666m2

Key points:

Application rates:

  • Ensure complete and even coverage of Maxicrop Moss Killer & Conditioner
  • Simply mix the seaweed extract tonic in a watering can or garden sprayer to apply
  • If rain does not fall within 48 hours, water the lawn lightly
  • When area has turned black, affected areas should be raked and dead moss removed
  • Apply twice a year

When to use:

  • Maxicrop can be applied year round from March to September
    • Most effective when used between March and late April
    • Max. 3 applications per year
    • Allow min. 40 days between applications
  • Do not apply to lawns sown or turfed less than six months ago
  • Do not apply under drought conditions, if frost is expected or if the lawn is waterlogged
  • Do not exceed 150 ml per 10 m2
  • Do not apply within three days before or four days after mowing
  • For treating moss on hard surfaces why not look at AlgoClear also available in a professional high strength version MAC Hi Power

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Coverage 666 (m2)
Contains17.0% iron sulphate & 2% nitrogen with Maxicrop seaweed
Area of UseHome Garden, Managed Amenity Turf

Knapsack Application Rate

AreaMoss Killer & ConditionerMinimum Water Volume
100 m21.5 L5 L
1,000 m215 L50 L
1 ha150 L500 L
Golf Green - 500 m27.5 L25 L
Bowling Green - 1,475 m222.1 L74 L
Cricket Field - 1,000 m215 L50 L
Tennis Court - 260 m23.9 L13 L
Football Pitch - 10,800 m2162 L540 L
Rugby Pitch - 6,900 m2103.5 L345 L
Hockey Pitch - 5,000 m275 L250 L

Use low pressure fan jets to give a high volume coarse spray to penetrate the dense moss.

Product Usage Calendar

*KEY - Green = suggested period of use

Safety Sheets (MSDS)

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